The Micron 5210 and 5G

deliver what you need, where you need it.

Micron 5210 – Fast, vast HDD replacement 
  • Advantages of 5210 through workloads
  • Bandwidth low latency for a just-like-being-there experience
  • Infrastructure to support the transition from Wi-Fi to 5G

Business insight
when you need it.


Traveling exec, needs to leverage most recent BI in upcoming M&A discussion. 5210 generates latest data, 5G can get it there.

  • Application: BI/DSS platforms (Database)
  • Workload: Business Intelligence
  • Why it works: 5210 enables 10x faster business query performance on site (or at the home office, or the home data center), while 5G can deliver the data to the traveling exec quickly.1

Sort big data twice as fast — and act on it.


Product release pending. Decision maker on vacation (has 5G). Analytics done twice as fast, 5G can get the report out, decision maker goes back on vacation.

  • Application: Hadoop (big data)
  • Workload: Sort (standard Hadoop benchmark)
  • Why it works: 5210 enables 50% faster sort via Hadoop, while 5G’s low latency speeds up the responsiveness of the decision maker.2

Develop/train complex models in weeks vs. months.


Developers compress new AI model schedule with 5210, update remote factories via 5G.

  • Application: Centralized NAS Storage Repositories (Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning)
  • Workload: Model training (5210), delivery (5G)
  • Why it works: In deep learning (DL) applications, 5210 can significantly compress model training schedules, reducing epoc cycle times by 40%, while 5G can enable that update to be delivered to more remote locations worldwide.3

Modern applications respond 7x faster.


Software developer is building a professional linking app for local users. She needs the app to verify users and show connections to foster professional collaboration.

  • Application: Apache Cassandra® (NoSQL Workloads)
  • Workload: Profile checking, updating existing records, sharing most recent updates
  • Why it works: In relation to Apache Cassandra®, the 5210 can provide 7x faster standard benchmark performance with 86% lower response time (latency), while 5G can grant remote or traveling users faster access to the app’s data.4

Mobile users demand rich content. Everywhere. All the time.


Content streaming to hundreds of 5G enabled devices.

  • Application: Ceph® Data Lakes (Media Streaming / Content Management Solutions) 
  • Workload: Multiple users streaming the same content, each with different start times is a small IO, random read workload.
  • Why it works: 5210 has 450x the small, random read performance of legacy, high capacity HDDs. 5G-enabled devices provide lower latency for better responsiveness and bigger channels to speed up data transfers, allowing Ceph®  users to take full advantage of SSD performance.5

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