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The business value of data is unleashed at the edge

Why does the intelligent edge demand responsive, next-gen IT?  

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Deliver edge-to-cloud insights with data center memory and storage

5G-connected devices and the internet of things (IoT) are generating increasing torrents of data outside traditional data centers or cloud. To achieve a competitive advantage, evolve cloud-to-edge infrastructures to act on mission-critical information in real time. The right intelligent edge strategy begins with Micron’s broad portfolio of memory and storage solutions. 

Micron Memory & SSD Selector

Find the right DRAM and SSDs to fortify your edge infrastructure.

Edge infrastructures push past traditional IT limitations

Micron solutions with low latency, high bandwidth and massive capacities are optimized for high-performance workloads at the. Enable edge servers to run the same sophisticated workloads as centralized data centers. 


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