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The world's most advanced DRAM technology

Micron builds DRAM memory modules from start to finish — designing, manufacturing and testing all the DRAM ourselves before assembling the modules and testing again. Micron’s DRAM node, the world’s most advanced DRAM process technology, offers major improvements in bit density, power and performance.

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Accelerate next-gen server platforms​

Micron® DDR5 Server DRAM​

Speed up next-gen server platforms with DDR5 Server DRAM, which is more than a generational jump in memory innovation. Feed rapidly growing processor core counts with memory bandwidth and capacity and reverse the trend of decreased bandwidth per core.​

Micron DDR4 Server DRAM group

Maximize existing IT infrastructure​

Micron® DDR4 Server DRAM​

Now easier to buy and sell! Enjoy streamlined DDR4 SKUs with broad compatibility and better stock availability. Offering module densities up to 128GB, Micron DDR4 Server DRAM maximizes system performance by increasing the installed memory capacity of each server.


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