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NVMe delivers high speed, low latency

Boost productivity with superior performance, durability and advanced features

Compute. Memory. Storage.
Find your (server) balance

Optimize your data center storage

Micron NVMe SSDs are fast and reliable, making them ideal for demanding server environments. Data centers rely on NVMe to power mission-critical workloads such as big data analytics, real-time data processing and high-performance computing.

Micron’s experts have the test data, ecosystem knowledge and in-depth insights to find the right SSDs for your workloads.

Proven solutions for specialized workloads

Four reasons NVMe is right for business

NVMe efficiently stores data, making it easier (and faster) to access and understand.

Micron SSD Security

Four reasons to move to client NVMe right now

From increased performance to solid security, NVMe SSDs boost business productivity.

Integrate seamlessly into existing architecture

Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Tap into performance, scalability and flexibility for your cloud-native applications.

Video streaming

Ensure your audience has fast and reliable access to high-quality media content.

Active object stores

Bring strong performance to MinIO object storage.

Storage solutions

Find purpose-built storage solutions to match your unique workloads.


Micron 9400 NVMe SSD

Speed up data intensive workloads with high-performance storage.


Micron 7500 NVMe SSD

Optimize your mainstream server applications.


Micron 7450 NVMe SSD

Balanced performance, reliability and endurance for mainstream servers.


Micron 6500 ION NVMe SSD

High-capacity solutions to unlock the potential of massive data lakes.

Better SSDs, better NAND

No matter your workload, Micron has the right NVMe SSDs to help you maximize performance.

SSD Series/Model Form Factor Capacity(TB) Caching AI/ML/DL Streaming CDN Primary Storage Analytics Digital Work-flow Boot
9400 MAX
9400 PRO
U.3 / 15 mm 6.40 to 25.60
7.68 to 30.72
- - - -
- -
7500 MAX
7500 PRO
U.3 / 15 mm 0.96 to 12.80
0.80 to 15.36
- - - -
7450 MAX
7450 PRO
U.3 / 7 mm 0.96 to 7.68
0.80 to 6.40
- - - -
7450 MAX
7450 PRO
E1.S 0.96 to 3.84
0.80 to 3.20
- - - - -
- -
7450 MAX
7450 PRO
M.2 / 2280 0.48 to 3.84
0.40 to 3.20
- - - -
- - -
7450 MAX
7450 PRO
M.2 / 22110 0.48 to 3.84
0.40 to 3.20
- - - -
- - -
6500 ION U.3 / 15 mm 30.72 - - - - -
Best Fit
Good fit
-   Other options are ideal
MAX - Highest performance
PRO - High performance

ECO - Good performance
ION - Best capacity per $



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RocksDB performance

Tests shows the Micron 9400 NVMe SSD excels for demanding data center workloads.


NoSQL database performance

See how the Micron 7500 NVMe SSD outperforms other mainstream data center SSDs.


Big capacity. Bigger value.

Four common NQL workloads showcase the power of the Micron 6500 ION NVMe SSD.


Learn more about Micron’s advanced NVMe technology.

Note: All values provided are for reference only and are not warranted values. For warranty information, visit or contact your Micron sales representative. 

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