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Product Selector

Micron & Crucial Tools

Find compatible DRAM and SSDs to make your PC, laptop, MAC, or Server faster and more efficient.

Maximize Memory & SSD Sales with the Micron Memory Selector

  • The fastest, easiest way to sell memory and SSDs

    One of the hardest parts about selling memory and SSDs is ensuring compatibility, and that’s where the Micron Memory Selector comes into play. Built to streamline the sales process, increase your margins, and simplify inventory management and forecasting, the Micron Memory Selector tool identifies compatible upgrades for more than 90,000 systems and allows you to sell with confidence in 60 seconds or less.

  • 5 Ways the Micron Memory Selector benefits your business
    1. Sell from anywhere: Mobile-friendly design makes it easy to use on phones and tablets
    2. Speak with authority on all matters of compatibility – no training required
    3. Win customer trust by quickly giving expert product recommendations and avoiding costly returns
    4. Increase commissions by selling high-margin Micron products*
    5. Cross-sell compatible client and enterprise SSDs
  • What type of Selector would you need?

    Type of Selectors Standard Selector Intermediate Selector Advanced Selector
    Ideal for Resellers that don’t sell online Resellers that sell online using Micron part numbers Resellers that sell online using their own part numbers
    Time required to implement on your website 1 day 7 day 14 day
    Recommends compatible upgrades for more than 90,000 systems
    Intuitive mobile design
    Increased opportunity to cross-sell SSDs
    Availability of enterprise SSDs
    Simple, easy-to-use interface
    Add to Cart functionality -
    Levels of Management
    Requires an internal IT contact to implement -
    Sell using your own part numbers - -
    Ongoing management, maintenance, and updates required by your account manager - -
    Simple integration with no IT involvement or ongoing management - -

  • Would you want to add the Selector to your site, please send us a request HERE.

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