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Big capacity. Bigger value.

Purpose-built to handle huge datasets with ease.

Micron® 6500 ION NVMe™ SSD

Extraordinary storage capacity, without sacrificing resilience or performance.


Sequential reads1


Random performance2


Max capacity3

232-layer NAND

World’s most advanced NAND technology4

Workloads accelerated

Scale efficiently and harness the power of big data. 

AI data lakes

Feed AI training programs with enormous datasets.

Cloud storage

Scalable solutions for diverse workloads.

Big data

Fast storage for massive datasets.

Cloud infrastructure

Powerful Micron technology makes cloud storage challenges look small.

Cutting-edge features

Experience the ideal mix of features and technology:

Power loss protection

FIPS 140-3 L2

NVMe Management Interface (NVMe-MI) over SMBus

Secure firmware download

5-year limited warranty5

Enterprise data path protection

TAA compliant

NVMe power states

Hardware root of trust, secure signed firmware

TCG Opal v2.01

NVMe™ 2.0

Firmware activated without reset

Self-monitoring and reporting technology (SMART)

Why choose 6500 NVMe SSD?

Improve performance

Get better results while supporting the latest in security.

Reduce latency

Ensure responsiveness for big data, cloud infrastructure and content delivery networks.

Accelerate workloads

Power the processes behind AI, databases and cloud computing.


  U.3 15mm
Capacity 30.72TB
128KB sequential transfers,
4KB random transfers
Sequential Read (MB/s, QD128)
Sequential Write (MB/s, QD128)
Random Read (IOPS, QD128)
Random Write (IOPS, QD128)
70/30 Random Read/Write (IOPS, QD128)
Read Latency (µs, QD1, typical)7
Write Latency (µs, QD1, typical)7
Power Consumption & Use
Active average, RMS8
20W write maximum
Operating Temperature
Endurance by Workload9 100% 128KB Sequential Writes
90% 128KB Sequential Write / 10% 4KB Random Write
70% 128KB Sequential Write / 30% 4KB Random Write
50% 128KB Sequential Write / 50% 4KB Random Write
100% 4KB Random Writes
Basic Attributes Interface
Reliability MTTF (0-50°C)

Let’s build together

Find the right memory and storage

Industry impact

How to feed hungry AI

Businesses are tapping into massive data lakes to unlock new and powerful insights.

Data on the edge

Unlock the benefits of processing data as close as possible to its source.

Find your (server) balance

Finding harmony between compute, memory and storage allows you to create a powerful server that’s greater than the sum of its parts.



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Big capacity. Bigger value.

Four common NQL workloads showcase the power of the Micron 6500 ION NVMe SSD.


Four reasons for NVMe

Looking for a reason to implement NVMe? Here are four.


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Note: All values provided are for reference only and are not warranted values. For warranty information, visit or contact your Micron sales representative.

1. Sequential write statements are based on 128KB 100% sequential write workload.

2. Random IOPS statements based on 4KB, 100% random workloads.

3. 30.72TB capacity is the largest option. User capacity: 1GB = 1 billion bytes; formatted capacity is less

4. Additional information available here:

5. Warranty valid for 5 years from the original date of purchase or before writing the maximum total bytes written (TBW) as published in the product datasheet and as measured in the product’s SMART data, whichever comes first.

6. Performance measured under the following conditions: Steady-state as defined by SNIA Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification Enterprise v1.1; Drive write cache enabled; NVMe power state 0; Sequential workloads measured using FIO with a 128K IO size and a queue depth of 32; Random read workloads measured using FIO with a 4K IO size and queue depth of 128; Random write workloads measured using FIO with a 4K IO size and a queue depth of 128.

7. Latency values measured with random workloads using FIO, 4KB transfers, queue depth = 1; Typical latency = median, 50th percentile.

8. RMS = Root Mean Square

9. Actual endurance my vary by workload.

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