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Micron® DDR5
Server DRAM

DDR5: More than a generational jump

Relieve the bandwidth-per-core crunch to pull peak computing performance

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Maximizing new DDR5 server and workstation performance for AI, deep learning, high-performance computing, cloud computing, virtualized supercomputing, and other data-intensive applications demanding the highest speed real-time memory available.


  • Increase performance by up to 85% over DDR41
  • Initial speeds up to 4800MT/s2
  • Optimized for the latest Intel® and AMD® server and workstation platforms
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • 100% component and module tested
  • Operating voltage reduced from DDR4’s 1.2V to 1.1V
  • On-die ECC
  • Manufactured by Micron
  • Available in RDIMM, ECC UDIMM and ECC SODIMM3


  • Speed (MT/s): 48002
  • Densities: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
  • Form factor: RDIMM, ECC UDIMM, ECC SODIMM3

Speed up next-generation application performance with Micron® DDR5 server DRAM: more than a generational jump in memory innovation. Reverse the trend of decreased bandwidth per core, feed rapidly growing processor core counts with memory bandwidth and capacity, plus enable nearly 2x the data rates of DDR41.

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Micron DDR5 Server DRAM nearly doubles the performance of DDR4

Increase server and workstation performance by 85% or more with DDR5 Server Memory1. DDR5 technology relieves the bandwidth-per-core memory crunch to pull peak computing performance and runs more virtual machines, increasing the responsiveness of virtualized applications. DDR5 is expected to overtake DDR4 global memory shipments during the next few years5, marking a fast transition between the two technologies.

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Get more out of DDR5 servers with Micron Server Memory

Micron builds DDR5 server memory with power management integrated circuits (PMICs) on the module, which means you are not paying for power management for the entire system6. This can initially mean a lower overall cost to power DDR5 servers versus DDR4 when some system slots are left open. Micron Server Memory is high quality and is typically less expensive than OEM server memory.

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High-performance memory for a new era of data centers

Micron DDR5 Server Memory delivers higher bandwidths along with improved reliability, availability, and scaling, when compared to DDR4. It’s 100% component and module tested to mission-critical server standards and optimized for the next-generation Intel® and AMD® DDR5 server and workstation platforms. As one of three major memory manufacturers, Micron tests and validates our DDR5 server memory to work with all major DDR5 server platforms.

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Micron® quality – A higher level of reliability

Server memory that’s built to last requires stable industry relationships and technology collaboration over multiple product cycles. With nearly 44 years of experience poured into die selection, DRAM and PCB design, module assembly, and testing from start to finish, Micron works closely with industry leaders in CPU and platform development as well as leading system and motherboard manufacturers to enable the next level of memory technology. By collaborating with JEDEC to design DDR5 specs, and by instituting a one-of-a-kind DDR5 Technology Enablement Program (TEP), Micron leads the way in enabling the ecosystem transition to DDR5. Micron is a proven industry leader with the innovative expertise to not just sell, but engineer quality memory products for your servers from start to finish. Don’t settle for anything less.

Micron DDR5 Server DRAM Key Specifications

Micron DDR5 RDIMM Module

Density 16GB, 32GB, 64GB 16GB, 32GB 16GB, 32GB
Speed4 4800MT/s 4800MT/s 4800MT/s
Component Voltage 1.1V 1.1V 1.1V
Module Voltage 12.0V 5.0V 5.0V
Ranks single, dual single, dual single, dual
Component Configuration x4, x8 x8 x8
Pin Count 288-pin 288-pin 262-pin
Availability Now Now Now
Advanced Features Two independent 40-bit channels, twice the burst length, banks and bank groups over DDR4, same bank refresh, on-die ECC, and post-package repair enhancements.
Warranty 3-year limited warranty

1Under memory-intensive workloads, DDR5 is designed to deliver 1.87x the bandwidth as a result of double burst length, double the banks and bank groups, and significantly higher speed than DDR4, as established by JEDEC, an independent organization that develops open standards for the microelectronics industry.
2DDR5 launch data rate of 4800MT/s transfers 1.5x (50%) more data than the maximum standard DDR4 data rate of 3200MT/s. JEDEC projected speeds of 8800MT/s are 2.75x faster than DDR4’s maximum standard data rate of 3200MT/s.
3Initial DDR5 Server DRAM shipments will not include the VLP RDIMM variation. It will come later in the year.
4Initial shipments will be at 4800MT/s with higher speeds expected to reach at least 6400MT/s in the future.
5Based on Status of the Memory Industry 2021, Yole Développement, June 14, 2021
6On DDR4 server memory, power management was on the motherboard instead of the module, powering empty slots as well as those in use.


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